Dying Carpet When and When not to.

When it comes to dying your carpet there are definetly a few things you should know and consider. In most instances most people use carpet dyers for only spot treatments. Lets say you have a bleach spot or a urine stain in the middle of your carpet. Some people tend to remove the ruined carpet but in these kinds of instances you can often get it dyed for a cheaper cost and not have that unsightly seem show.

When you come across carpet that has a ton of spots and stains you may think the carpet needs replaced but that is not always the case. If the carpet fibers are in good condition you should consider dying the carpet as an alternative. The cost will be a third of what it is for new carpet and they will look great. When you do dye your carpet you need to really consider how well the carpet is. If it is worn then dying is not an option.

Another thing to watch out for is your carpet needs to be cleaned very well before the dye is applied. If it is not then the dye may not fully take. Cleaning the carpets needs to be added into the price.

While were on the subject of cleaning carpets. Another item to watch out for is cleaning your carpets after you have them dyed. Most of the time the dye will be undetecatable for several years after the carpet dying is done. In most cases you can not have your carpets cleaned more then once a year. If you have heavy traffic and need them cleaned more then once a year then carpet dying may not be right for you.

Cleaning chemicals can also have a negative side effect. Be sure and ask the carpet dyer about any special cleaning instructions.

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