Remove Pet Odor

Removing Pet Odor can be challenging at the best of times. Anyone who owns a pet knows the burdens because it happens to all of us. Dealing with a new puppy or an older animal can take it’s toll on your carpets and floors.

The best advice out there is to get to the stain as soon as possible. The longer the urine sits on the carpet the more time the acids have to break down the carpet fibers. Use a dry towel first and press firmly against the wet areas. The object here is to soak up as much as possible with out having to use any water. From there use your favorite disinfectant carpet cleaning chemical and follow the directions on the bottle.

Even if you get to the spot right away you may find on some hot days that odor comes back. If this is the case chances are you missed a spot or the urine has penetrated into the flooring pad. When urine penetrates into the carpet pad you may need to call a professional to come out and clean your carpets.

After cleaning carpets for many years the best solution for urine that penetrates into the pads is an enzyme that feeds off of urine. A product I often use is AIP. It is a commercial product so you may not be able to get your hands on it. You first make the carpet damp and then inject the AIP solution into the pad using a horse syringe.
If none of the above measures work the only option you have left is to replace the carpet and foam pad underneath.

Of course with a young dog or pet the best thing to do is take a proactive approach. Keep your puppy on a hard surface in the home until the pet is potty trained. Cats are born potty trained for the most part. Ensure you clean their litter box often and you should have no issue.

Efficient Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine

Pets give their families lots of love, and are wonderful to have around, but sometimes they do things us humans don’t really appreciate. Pets’ urinating on the carpets in our house is one of the things we don’t like to deal with. When they pee, we get the overwhelming task of carpet cleaning pet urine. Pet urine is a major problem because it leaves both difficult to remove stains and strong smells that persist for a long time. Knowing what to do in this situation is a must for every pet owner.

The first thing to do is use towels to absorb the urine from the carpet as soon as you observe it. When the towels you use don’t absorb any pet urine anymore you can stop this action and go to the next step: cleaning the carpet. The main substances that are very useful for carpet cleaning pet urine out are white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Each of them has a specific action and using them combined will assure the perfect cleaning of your carpets.

Urine’s composition includes ammonia, which is responsible for the strength and the persistence of the smell. White vinegar is very beneficial when you want to get rid of the smell as it dissolves the ammonia. When using vinegar you should wait for the substance to deeply penetrate the carpets. This is very significant not only because you eliminate the smell, but also because your pets will not be tempted to urinate on the carpet again. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are also helpful as they attack the bacteria, leaving behind a clean carpet and no pet odors.

The main advantage of these solutions refers to more than the elimination of the stains and the smells. As they are not similar to the products you can find on the market, which are based on various chemicals, they allow a more natural carpet cleaning pet urine. Also, the carpets will maintain their colors as these solutions don’t affect the fibers of the carpet in this way.

Our favorite urine removal product is called Anti-Icky Poo. Yes funny name and it’s expensive stuff but it works and works very very well. We have used it on homes that were soaked with urine from dogs and cats and this stuff got the smell 100% out. Just be forwarned that it’s an enzime that does take a few days to totally work. Be sure and read the directions before use and follow them exactly. You most likely will not find this product in stores. The best place to look is on . Then do a search for anti-icky poo. If you have a lot of messes or think you will in the future then purchase a gallon size jug. Yes it’s expensive but that’s because it works. Do not use this solution in your carpet cleaners. It is not to be used in that fashion. Once again just read the directions for best results.

What to Expect When Cleaning Frieze Carpet

When you say Frieze carpet, this pertains to the style of textile standardized or alike from the retro shag rugs of the 1970’s. Similar to a shag rug, it is designed with a deep pile, meaning the fibers are durable and long. It can resist consistent traffic and wearing at the long time before it can be replaced. Commonly, permanent compression can only be caused by furniture placing it a particular place for  a long time. This is the flooring valued because of its luxurious, soft feeling and its ability to cover-up those unsightly seams. You can only encounter a difficulty when it comes with its material when it’s cleaning time. In this part, a thorough cleaning Frieze carpet can easily be done by the professional carpet cleaners.

The fiber structure is the reason frieze carpet is difficult to clean. Its textile is made up of long fibers which are twisted tightly naturally, then its fibers lie on the side of the carpet. With this type of design, it reduces the wear of the fiber, for it can conceal those solid debris. The debris, soil and those tiny parasites can be hidden quickly underneath the fibrous forest materials. The food and liquid stains can also be hard to treat, for the fiber it contains extended in different directions.  Those with short pile materials, their fibers are straight up. In case, there is a food/drinks spilled on it, it is quickly absorbed by the fibers even the stain eventually. Then, the stain will spread downward and out on a path noticeable. Thus, the frieze carpet doesn’t respond to liquid or food on this way. Rather, you can’t predict how the stain can be spread, for the fibers are settled in a random state. Which gives the reason to make it difficult to treat the stains properly, as a result, it will then have lasting discoloration or the textile can be damaged.

The unique design of this type of flooring is what professional cleaners are trained for. The soil extraction equipment commonly goes with a beater bar, this shakes the flooring like the vacuum passes over it. The frieze carpet doesn’t hold the dirt compare to the other textiles, hence, due to the depth, it needs a beater bar. This makes the fiber shuffles around like when the vacuum passes over, then get loose and makes the dirt exposed to surface on the textile. Although, a thorough soil extraction is an important method, thus the professionals can cover the area various times with a power vacuum for deep removal.

Once in a year (minimum) should the flooring be cleaned by a professional. If you want to extend the life of your carpet, as a homeowner regular vacuuming is just part of prolonging the life of your flooring. Frieze carpet’ stain can need special attention by professional (certified and trained) carpet cleaners. They are those who can quickly treat the area affected with the right cleaning product for the restoration of the flooring (on its original color). The certified technicians by the IICRC are trained to repair the carpet that has discoloration or odor. It is primarily important for this type of materials, because of the odor, it holds compared to the other types. Letting the professionals help you with your carpet cleaning, this will make the materials feel newer and softer.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner: Tweaks and Tricks

There are lots of ways of cleaning your carpet, but the best recommend way is to hire a professional carpet cleaner. By doing this, will allow you to save your time and money. The following tricks and tweaks can provide you some help.

At first verify your carpet cleaner is IICRC certified. This is the one type of certificate that is out there that most individuals will recognize. In the event that you have a carpet with a warranty, you must make certain that you have a cleaner chip away at it that is guaranteed. An absence of accreditation may make the warranty void if something wrong or accident may happen to your carpet.

Get some information about the services of the carpet cleaning company and what do they offer. Frequently a carpet cleaning organization will provide for you a fixed rate price for their service and afterward add on little nickel and dime benefits all through the services. Maintain a strategic distance from this trick. Converse with the company in advance to get your expenses quickly.

Find a company who gives bargains on upholstery cleaning and also carpet cleaning. Most companies only offer an upholstery cleaning, inspection and repairs for the your home furniture. Frequently, carpet cleaning company has practical experience in different services, for example, grout, yards and porches.

Be careful about cold calls, make sure to verify and fully understand the professional cleaning carpet estimating pricing structure. Advertising cleaning usually have fixed price value for every room and has a size limit price. Professional carpet cleaners ought to build a price of the total area of the rooms that they are going to clean.

Ordinarily professional carpet cleaner can expel resolute stains from wax and even wine. Moreover, they can perform these magic rapidly without damaging your carpet. This will spare you both cash and time.

It is your responsibility to move to safety your fragile things before the cleaning service arrives regardless of the fact that furniture moving is included in the expense of cleaning services. Accidents do happen, you should not endow your fragile things with another person.

Always inform the cleaning company if there are electrical sockets in your carpet. Keep in mind that there is danger when cleaning that area and may create accident and damage to their gear and them. There is also additionally a hazard that your home will be harmed.

Make sure you hold a space for the carpet cleaning company a place to stop. Despite the fact that this may sound funny. They will have to unpacked a lot of equipment that will be used for cleaning and it is best that they don’t stomp over your grass to get into your home.

Make sure to pay attention to the chemicals that the carpet cleaners are using. Choose a carpet cleaning company follow a healthy “green” way of life. In the event that it appears minor, it may help to comprehend that it will help the planet a considerable amount if everybody served to make it a more common thing.

One of the effective cleaning solution for stains is vinegar. You can check if it safe use by doing some test on a small part of your carpet. The expert will know the most ideal approach to get your carpet clean.

After your carpet had been cleaned, they will look in the same class as new, or surprisingly better. You will most likely set out to clean them all the more regularly, with the goal that you can concentrate on alternate things in your home. The tips you adapted here can help you concentrate on the things that matter. Remember a filthy carpet can truly destroy the beautiful or good room.

How to Stretch Carpet Wrinkles and Smoothing it Out

When you checkout magazines for home improvement or just take a peak of the interior designs, you can see that most of them are in tile, hardwood or stone flooring. As these are the high-end trends for home re-modelling, carpeting comes as  popular in the market. For it can enhance the natural warmth and gives noise insulation to every room. At the same time, the comfort it can give to your feet. Although, in time, carpets may need some attention, the pile needs consistent vacuuming and repair on the rug and commonly carpet will be in a form of stretching.

Wearing-off. Just like the flooring, carpet also encounter the wear and tear situation. This is mostly located in the traffic area (just like the stairs, family room and hallways), where the pile will be obvious and easily worn-down or stains often happen.  This can be prevented on the carpet runners even for the decorative rugs, however the true concern is when the carpet becomes open. Because carpet are sewn together in layers using fabrics and materials, this means that its surface can slowly to wear-out, not like the stone or hardwood floors which are made of solid pieces. Frequently, you can see this in a form of wrinkles from the edges of the room. Addressing this immediately can prevent the wrinkles spreading in sizes and numbers (since it can take the entire carpet). Aside from its unpleasant look, the folds can be dangerous for tripping elderly, kids and guest. So fixing the carpet is a must.

Stretching the Carpet. Whatever happen that cause the carpet to pull off, you need to re-install it quickly. Of course, you need special tools to do this:

· The first thing you need is a power stretcher for the task. You also need the smaller stretcher for the tight corners.

· A good stapler to tack boards and padding; utility knife, as a carpet cutter and creating seams.

· Knee pads, goggles and gloves are also needed.

The things mentioned above can be rented, and you need to prepare yourself for most of the time you’ll need to bend, if you want to do this by yourself. The cost of budget and with the body stretch, it may be economical to say hiring a contractor is a good idea.

Helping Hand. Hiring a professional doesn’t mean you are not allowed to give a helping hand. Actually, there are lots of things you can do to make the task faster. While waiting for the experts to arrive, you can refastened some of the carpet, then take out the border trim ad decorative molding, this will get the experts faster to the tackles strips and pads faster. It could also help to vacuum the carpet before doing anything else. Removing excess dirt from the pile can cut down airborne dust when the project starts. And if you have in you become handy, you can remove the used padding or the old tackles strips (this is naturally full of sharp tacks although known as tack-less because the rug is not literally tacked down) and both replace with new installations. Any help, you can do with the carpet stretching can cut down the cost and finish the task quicker.

Communication is Priceless. Below are the things you need to let your hired contractor should know:

· If you want to do a carpet refastening, there are important details you need to share with the contractor.

· You need to understand that after they know the type of job you want to get done, it would be best if they are prepared for the task.

· Letting them know the type of material they would be working on (would it be Beber, plush, wool, cut and loop, natural fibers or synthetic).

· Describing the condition can also help: the contractors are trained when it comes to carpet re-stretching, however,  commonly they can help fix blemishes to the pile, stains, frays, burns, melting, exposed seams, and so on.

· When a professional contractor for carpet comes, this is a good idea to also repair any concern on your sub-floor  and the stains on the floorboards, squeaky joists, wet spot and more.

· Giving them the idea of the square footage, hence, they knew the characteristics for carpet stretching, where accuracy of the cost of estimate on the project will get done.

Things to Know About Wool Berber Carpet Cleaning

There are few things you should know about wool berber before you go straight to the cleaning part. These days, only few berber carpets are made of pure natural wool anymore. Commonly, it is made of olefin or nylon fibers. Hence, each fiber has their own characteristics when it comes to thorough cleaning practices, first you need to do is to determine the type of carpet you are about to handle.Then, the next thing to do is find the best technique to clean the type of wool berber carpet.

The Original Wool Berber Carpet. If you got a genuine wool berber carpet, you are lucky! And you need to an extra information to properly clean the demand of wool type. The wool is mostly known to all as fibers of all fibers, and nearly the fibers of the other carpets are compared to it. It is durable, soft and repels oil naturally (same goes with the other contaminants). It has a super absorbent quality and with its natural fiber, it cleaning procedure are highly sensitive.

The Wool Berber Carpet Cleaning. The texture of wool can’t tolerate extreme agitation, at the same time when cleaning with the water temperature over 150 degrees. Cleaning wool in hot water (even for accidental situation), can make your carpet shrink when it dries. Using too much moisture when cleaning a wool berber carpet should be avoided. As mentioned previously, wool has an absorbent characteristic and it is very hard to dry it out if its soaked up too much, which may lead to several issues, including developing unpleasant odors and carpet shrinkage.

The Olefin Berber Carpet Cleaning. Understanding the characteristic of Olefin fiber can prolong its life. It has a different type of cleaning compare to wool, as olefin fibers can’t absorb moisture. It as a wicking property makes it repel stains, so when accidentally spilled a glass of wine – no worries for it will not stain. The olefin fibers will just sucked off the grape juice and then drain it down into the carpet pad. So, it has an advantage when it comes to stain, but when it comes to deep cleaning, you really need a pro to work on this.

The steam or hot water extraction cleaning, this usually gets the entire carpet wet, it will include the underneath padding, to be able to achieve the deepest cleaning. Now with Olefin, this means the stains will commonly become moisture and will surface eventually anywhere. You can do multiple vacuuming method to  resolve this, although there are also several ways professional cleaners can do with this type of problem.

The Nylon Berber Carpet Cleaning. This is known to be the easiest type of berber carpet to clean. It’s not too sensitive, thus you need to bear in mind that by definition berber is always a thick carpet. So like wool, nylon is an absorbent when it comes to moisture and is not easy to dry-out. For the method of cleaning, it is a good idea to choose  dry carpet cleaning technique when you ask a professional carpet cleaner. Hiring them will save you something to think about how to dry it out and skip the worries.

As a Final Thought. If ever you are cleaning a synthetic or wool berber carpet, the daily vacuuming is still the best tool to maintain and keeping your carpet clean, durable and attractive at all time. When getting a vacuum, choose those without a beater bar. The beater bar will complicate the carpet weave.