What to Expect When Cleaning Frieze Carpet

When you say Frieze carpet, this pertains to the style of textile standardized or alike from the retro shag rugs of the 1970’s. Similar to a shag rug, it is designed with a deep pile, meaning the fibers are durable and long. It can resist consistent traffic and wearing at the long time before it can be replaced. Commonly, permanent compression can only be caused by furniture placing it a particular place for  a long time. This is the flooring valued because of its luxurious, soft feeling and its ability to cover-up those unsightly seams. You can only encounter a difficulty when it comes with its material when it’s cleaning time. In this part, a thorough cleaning Frieze carpet can easily be done by the professional carpet cleaners.

The fiber structure is the reason frieze carpet is difficult to clean. Its textile is made up of long fibers which are twisted tightly naturally, then its fibers lie on the side of the carpet. With this type of design, it reduces the wear of the fiber, for it can conceal those solid debris. The debris, soil and those tiny parasites can be hidden quickly underneath the fibrous forest materials. The food and liquid stains can also be hard to treat, for the fiber it contains extended in different directions.  Those with short pile materials, their fibers are straight up. In case, there is a food/drinks spilled on it, it is quickly absorbed by the fibers even the stain eventually. Then, the stain will spread downward and out on a path noticeable. Thus, the frieze carpet doesn’t respond to liquid or food on this way. Rather, you can’t predict how the stain can be spread, for the fibers are settled in a random state. Which gives the reason to make it difficult to treat the stains properly, as a result, it will then have lasting discoloration or the textile can be damaged.

The unique design of this type of flooring is what professional cleaners are trained for. The soil extraction equipment commonly goes with a beater bar, this shakes the flooring like the vacuum passes over it. The frieze carpet doesn’t hold the dirt compare to the other textiles, hence, due to the depth, it needs a beater bar. This makes the fiber shuffles around like when the vacuum passes over, then get loose and makes the dirt exposed to surface on the textile. Although, a thorough soil extraction is an important method, thus the professionals can cover the area various times with a power vacuum for deep removal.

Once in a year (minimum) should the flooring be cleaned by a professional. If you want to extend the life of your carpet, as a homeowner regular vacuuming is just part of prolonging the life of your flooring. Frieze carpet’ stain can need special attention by professional (certified and trained) carpet cleaners. They are those who can quickly treat the area affected with the right cleaning product for the restoration of the flooring (on its original color). The certified technicians by the IICRC are trained to repair the carpet that has discoloration or odor. It is primarily important for this type of materials, because of the odor, it holds compared to the other types. Letting the professionals help you with your carpet cleaning, this will make the materials feel newer and softer.

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