Remove Pet Odor

Removing Pet Odor can be challenging at the best of times. Anyone who owns a pet knows the burdens because it happens to all of us. Dealing with a new puppy or an older animal can take it’s toll on your carpets and floors.

The best advice out there is to get to the stain as soon as possible. The longer the urine sits on the carpet the more time the acids have to break down the carpet fibers. Use a dry towel first and press firmly against the wet areas. The object here is to soak up as much as possible with out having to use any water. From there use your favorite disinfectant carpet cleaning chemical and follow the directions on the bottle.

Even if you get to the spot right away you may find on some hot days that odor comes back. If this is the case chances are you missed a spot or the urine has penetrated into the flooring pad. When urine penetrates into the carpet pad you may need to call a professional to come out and clean your carpets.

After cleaning carpets for many years the best solution for urine that penetrates into the pads is an enzyme that feeds off of urine. A product I often use is AIP. It is a commercial product so you may not be able to get your hands on it. You first make the carpet damp and then inject the AIP solution into the pad using a horse syringe.
If none of the above measures work the only option you have left is to replace the carpet and foam pad underneath.

Of course with a young dog or pet the best thing to do is take a proactive approach. Keep your puppy on a hard surface in the home until the pet is potty trained. Cats are born potty trained for the most part. Ensure you clean their litter box often and you should have no issue.

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