Efficient Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine

Pets give their families lots of love, and are wonderful to have around, but sometimes they do things us humans don’t really appreciate. Pets’ urinating on the carpets in our house is one of the things we don’t like to deal with. When they pee, we get the overwhelming task of carpet cleaning pet urine. Pet urine is a major problem because it leaves both difficult to remove stains and strong smells that persist for a long time. Knowing what to do in this situation is a must for every pet owner.

The first thing to do is use towels to absorb the urine from the carpet as soon as you observe it. When the towels you use don’t absorb any pet urine anymore you can stop this action and go to the next step: cleaning the carpet. The main substances that are very useful for carpet cleaning pet urine out are white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Each of them has a specific action and using them combined will assure the perfect cleaning of your carpets.

Urine’s composition includes ammonia, which is responsible for the strength and the persistence of the smell. White vinegar is very beneficial when you want to get rid of the smell as it dissolves the ammonia. When using vinegar you should wait for the substance to deeply penetrate the carpets. This is very significant not only because you eliminate the smell, but also because your pets will not be tempted to urinate on the carpet again. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are also helpful as they attack the bacteria, leaving behind a clean carpet and no pet odors.

The main advantage of these solutions refers to more than the elimination of the stains and the smells. As they are not similar to the products you can find on the market, which are based on various chemicals, they allow a more natural carpet cleaning pet urine. Also, the carpets will maintain their colors as these solutions don’t affect the fibers of the carpet in this way.

Our favorite urine removal product is called Anti-Icky Poo. Yes funny name and it’s expensive stuff but it works and works very very well. We have used it on homes that were soaked with urine from dogs and cats and this stuff got the smell 100% out. Just be forwarned that it’s an enzime that does take a few days to totally work. Be sure and read the directions before use and follow them exactly. You most likely will not find this product in stores. The best place to look is on Amazon.com . Then do a search for anti-icky poo. If you have a lot of messes or think you will in the future then purchase a gallon size jug. Yes it’s expensive but that’s because it works. Do not use this solution in your carpet cleaners. It is not to be used in that fashion. Once again just read the directions for best results.

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