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Remove Gum from Carpets and other Adhesive Products

Removing gum from carpets can be a huge pain. Other adhesives such as duct tape residue and the like can be just as hard. I have even had to remove bikini wax from carpets and can tell you straight up you have a bit of work ahead of you.

Here are the initial steps you can take to help remove gum and other adhesive products.

First try to scrape most of the gum off the carpet. You can use a metal carpet pick or even a comb. Removing the larger solid chunks will make the rest of the process that much easier. If you are having issues removing the larger chunks you can try to freeze them with ice or try to heat them with hot water. You can also use this Gum Remover product to help remove the gum from the carpet.

Keep in mind that even if you remove all visible evidence of the gum or adhesive, chances are that spot will come back in a few days because not all of the adhesive residue is gone from the carpets.

How to remove the left over adhesive residue.

Getting the gum chunks off the carpets can many times be the simple part of gum removal from carpets. The harder challenge is removing the rest of the material.

Often times high heat help. One such tip is to take a clean damp terry clothe towel and double fold it over the spot. Then taking an iron and heating it up to it’s lowest heat setting. Now with the DAMP terry clothe towel double folded over the spot work the iron over the gum in a circular pattern. DO NOT place the iron direct on the carpet as it will only burn and singe the carpet fibers. Once the gum is heated you should be able to remove the rest of the gum from the carpets.

Once this is done you can take a carpet cleaning solvent like the Un-Du 4 Ounce Adhesive Remover to remove the rest of the gum or adhesive from the carpet. When ever you use any cleaning product on your carpets it is better to test it out first in the back corner of a closet or some were out of sight. This test is to ensure the product does not stain your carpets.

Whatever method you use keep in mind NEVER use a cheap cleaning product from the dollar store. All too often people avoid paying the 8 bucks for a good product and purchase the cheap one. This often times leads to very bad results and carpet stains.

If you have more questions about this article or would like to comment on it then please follow this link ( Gum Removal )to our blog page made just for gum removal. There you can get your questions answered or post your results from using this method. We love to hear from our readers so post a comment for us.

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