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How to Remove the Top 10 Most Common Carpet Stains

As most floors are carpeted, you will surely have learned that carpeting is extremely prone to stains. While you can always remove dust, dander and pet hair, as well as dry items (including dried food spills) from your carpets with a powerful vacuum cleaner; wet stains need special care. It is important to remove carpet stains quickly.

The ten most common carpet stains are:

Beer, alcohol and soft drinks – Red wine should be neutralized by white wine. As soon as any alcoholic liquid is spilt, blot dry with an absorbent towel. Use a mixture of liquid detergent, white vinegar diluted with lots of water and spray liberally. Leave for 10-15 minutes and blot dry to remove carpet stains. If the stain does not come out, repeat the process.

Coffee and tea – these stains go deep. Keep blotting with a fresh part of a towel or paper towels till almost dry and then first use plain water and blot dry. This will mostly remove carpet stains, but then you may have to use the vinegar, detergent and water solution as above.

Mud and dirt – usually bought in by improperly cleaned shoes and the like, these should be allowed to dry. Use a brush to loosen the dried material and then vacuum it. If the carpet gets discolored then you will need to use water to remove carpet stains.

Ice-cream or hot chocolate – blot quickly. Then use a heavily diluted mixture of liquid detergent and water. Blot dry and repeat if required to remove carpet stains.

Pet stains – if you have untrained pets or even trained pets that sometimes have an ‘accident’ you will need to clean feces and urine stains. Feces should be picked up and removed. If feces have dried you will have to use a bit of water to facilitate removal. Use vinegar, water and detergent to remove carpet stains.

Grease stains – these are particularly difficult to remove. If grease has solidified, then first scrape it off. If it is liquid oil or any emollient, then blot dry initially. Use rubbing alcohol to cut through the grease and blot dry. Repeat if required to remove carpet stains completely.

Nail polish – nail polish rapidly solidifies so it needs to be removed quickly. If it is still wet you can get a lot of it out by blotting. If it has already solidified, you will need remover which does not contain moisturizers or oil – you can try pure acetone. Dip cotton buds or swabs or moisten small towels and try and remove the nail polish gently. Be careful to move inwards otherwise the stained patch will get bigger. Clean further with turpentine or lighter fluid if necessary to remove carpet stains.

Marker pen stains – occasionally a marker pen may fall down and stain your carpet. Use a towel dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove carpet stains.

Lipstick, wax and crayon – If dry, try and scrape off as much as possible. Then cover with a towel and put a warm iron on top. Keep shifting the towel till all the stain has been absorbed – the heat melts the waxy substance. Use dry cleaning fluid to lift out the rest of the stain, if any.

Vomit – remove all the solids and whatever liquid you can with spoon. Then spray with water and baking soda and blot dry to remove carpet stains. Dilute some vinegar and use again to remove odor.

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