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How to Remove Wax from Carpets

Many people spill wax onto carpets. This is one of those things that is sure to happen to any candle lover over the long run. Just feel blessed that your house did not burn down and all you have to worry about is how to get that wax out of the carpet.
This guide was written for the common person so we are not going to use fancy chemical names or hard to use methods.

The first thing to do is to grab a carpet pick and try to gently scrape off most of the wax. If you do not have a carpet pick then consider using a regular comb or fork as a last result. Just take caution not to damage or pull up the carpet fibers. If you have loops in your carpet you will want to take extra caution not to break or pull at the loops.

Once you have removed as much of the top layer as you can we are going to use something referred to as the Heat Transfer Method. Please read this full guide first people jumping into this method. You will need a clean terry clothe towel that you do not care about. An iron and a piece of white paper, brown paper bad or card board.

First get the towel slightly dam. It does not have to be that most. Then heat the iron on the lowest setting. Place the piece of paper over the wax and then the towel over the paper. Then working in a circular motion apply the heated iron to the towel. The object here is to heat the wax and make it stick to the paper. You may have to play with the settings on the iron to get it hot enough. Whatever you do, DO NOT place the iron right on the paper or the carpet. The heat can damage the carpet fibers so we want to take a little caution. That is why we are using the towel. In most cases people are able to melt all of the wax onto the paper. You may need several sheets but that all depends on the amount of wax you have. If not all of it comes up then while the wax is still a little hot you may be able to pick the rest out with a comb or carpet pick.

Because most candles now a days are synthetic and have colors to them you may have some dye that bled into the carpet. In most cases you can use any spot cleaning solution like resolve to fully remove the spot. If you have never used the particular cleaning agent on your carpet before then BE SURE TO TEST IT FIRST. Go into a closet and in the very back corner test out the product and wait ten minutes. This is to ensure you do not stain or bleach your carpet. In most cases you will be fine as long as you are not using some cheap cleaner that you found at the dollar store.

That was not hard at all was it? Be sure and comment on this article to let others know how it went for you. Leave details about what kind of cleaner you used and any other info that may help others out. You can post your comments on this article by CLICKING HERE

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