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How to Remove Pet Urine From Carpets

As a carpet cleaner we get asked many questions all the time. The number one carpet cleaning question we get is how to remove the urine smell from carpet. Even after you have your carpets cleaned many times people find the urine ordor coming back on those hot summer days. The reason for this can be many reasons.

When an animal urinates on the carpet many times they move around and spread the urine out over the top layer of the carpet. When a carpet cleaner cleans the carpet they stand a good chance of getting all the top urine out.

Some times animals do not move and when that happens a large amount of urine soaks in on one spot. When this happens the urine sinks down into the foam padding underneath and it can be very difficult to fully remove even if you clean the spot right away.
So how do you remove the urine Odor from carpet?

The good news here is you can still get the odor out but it will cost you for the cleaning solution. We use an enzyme that actually eats urine and then dies off after the urine is gone. The product we recommend out can only be bought online to the best of our knowledge and is called antiickypoo. I know it is a funny name and why it is called that I could not tell you. The cost is far more then any normal store product but that is because it works. It’s not a bad idea to have this stuff on hand if you have a pet because you never know when an accident will happen. You can also do a search on for carpet injection kits that go with antiickypoo. CLICK HERE to learn more about antiickypoo.

We would also recommend using their Anti-Icky-Poo P-Bath Pre-Treatment as well as the antiickypoo product. Be sure and follow the directions to the tee as they have a set process that works very well.

This is the same product that many carpet cleaners use. It works great but it can take a few days for solution to fully work. You should also be aware that the enzyme that eats the urine does release small amounts of ammonia into the air. While this is still perfectly safe even for small children you should closing off the room to birds. I do not know of any bad stories from this product and have used it for years on end but you just never know.

There are many other products out there that are made just for pet urine but trust me. Spend the extra money on antiickypoo. It is the best of the best.

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