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Carpet Cleaning Tips: Dry Cleaning Carpet or Hot Water Extraction?

When choosing the options of carpet cleaning methods to go for, it is important to have some tips to help you along the way. You might decide to buy the various carpet cleaners that are available, but the devices will not get the carpet as clean as professionals do. The first important tip to always remember is that heat helps a lot in this process. This is why the Hot Water Extraction method also uses steam while cleaning the carpet. It is normally conducted in temperatures that usually range from 150 Fahrenheit to 200 Fahrenheit. This is mainly why many people usually prefer the Hot Water Extraction method to the Dry Cleaning one. However, it is important to understand how both of the techniques work so that you can be in a position to make a choice from your own judgment.
The Hot Water Extraction is a method that is also referred to as the Steam Cleaning method because of the entire process involved. In general, this technique incorporates the use of a very hot cleaning agent which has to be pressurized prior to the commencement of the cleaning process. After the solution has been pressurized, it is extracted in an almost immediate manner by the use of vacuum principles. The cleaning agent that has been used becomes soiled and it sits in the tank until it is removed for the next cleaning to be done. This method is the most popular one that people go for when they require services of carpet cleaners that people opt for the reason that it is cheap and yet effective. The equipments that are used for this cleaning process are often three and they are: The homeowner/rental, the portable professional equipment and the cleaning equipment that is usually mounted on a truck.

The Dry Cleaning method is less popular and it normally incorporates several methods. The first carpet cleaner technique is the Dry Shampoo technique which involves the use of a circular brush that is operated by a motor. The foam is then scrubbed on the carpet and then later on vacuumed. The second type method of the Dry Cleaning option is the Dry Foam technique which is very close to the first one. However, this method usually requires the need of a cleaner that is wet to complete the job. Besides, there are also the Bonnet and the Dry Power techniques.
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