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Best Carpet Steam Cleaners for Different Rugs

Anybody who has had experience cleaning carpets and rugs knows that all rugs are not created the same. There are many different types of fibers and materials in rugs and carpets and, as such, it is important to use the right products when you clean carpet stains. Using a strong chemical on silk fibers, for instance, can spell doom for your beautiful rug. Luckily, these tips should help you avoid damaging your carpet.

Wool Rugs

Wool is one of the most durable and dependable fibers in existence, but only if you treat them correctly. Certain chemicals will destroy the integrity of wool and steam cleaners that run too hot will cause the wool to soak up too much water. For this reason we recommend something that offers a good range of cleaning settings, especially at the low end. Try a model with a light clean setting. This is good for wool. The Bissell 9500 Proheat 2X and Hoover Steam Vac prove to be helpful when caring for wool carpet to keep them free of stains.

Braided Rope

Braided Rope rugs and carpets are tricky because their best feature is their intricate design. In other words, improper cleaning can ruin the very thing that makes them special. It also doesn't help that these rugs are typically more expensive because of their complex makeup. A cleaner with multiple brush sets works well for braided carpeting. Multiple brushes will allow you to do a more intricate, hands on cleaning job. The Hoover F5912-900 cleaner should do. If the rug is one of the machine-made, mass market types, you could just throw it in the washing machine if it is small enough.


Polyester rugs and carpets are becoming more popular with each passing year because of their easy maintenance. Steam cleaning is the best method of washing carpet stains for polyester and, fortunately, this is one of the materials that actually benefits from hotter water. A strong, heavy-duty cleaner is great for this type of rug. Use models that come with a special water heater that allows the water to become quite a few degrees hotter than most competing carpet steam cleaners. The Reliable T630, Oreck M900A or Bissell 9500 Proheat 2X are heavier models made to heat water quickly.

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