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The Truth About Carpet Cleaning

After spending many years in the carpet cleaning and cleaning industry I feel many consumers are mislead about the best carpet cleaning methods out there.  Many consumers are informed by the people who clean theirs carpets.  They are told that whatever system they use is the best and the others are all terrible and will void their warrenty if they use them.

The truth is most carpet cleaning methods if done right will work well.  The hard part is knowing what method is needed at that time.  Here are a few tips and lies revealed. Anything but steam cleaning will void your carpet warranty!!  This is used by many steam cleaners out there.  The truth for every carpet cleaning company I know they will not void your warranty for using the cleaning method you preffer.   You should always consider what the manufactuer recommends.

Steam cleaning does work great.  If your house is heavily soiled and has not been cleaned in many years then steam cleaning will get you that deep clean you need and remove much of the heavy soils in the carpet.  The draw backs are you should not steam clean more then once a year.  Carpet is held together by glue.  When you use extremely hot water it does affect the carpet glue.  Steam cleaning does take several hours to dry and you should not walk on it for that time period.  Having an experienced technician is a must because you do not want them using too much water as this can shrink your carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning Sucks!  I have heard this many times.  The truth is it works great for those in between cleanings.  It’s safe for most carpet fibers and does remove the top soil.  Bonnet cleaning does not get the dirt an germs deep in the carpet.

Buffing just smears dirt!  Again this is not really true.  When you use a buffer system you do get a deep clean because the brush works it’s way into the carpet.  When someone uses this type of cleaning they vacuum and rake the carpet first.  Then use enzymes to eat the oil in the carpet.  The shampoo they use is non residue so it does not attract dirt.  After the cleaning is done you should vacuum 24hours later to remove the loose dirt.  With this method you can use it every 3 months and have your carpets always looking great.  On the down side if you have a very heavily soiled area you may want to consider steam cleaning first and then using the buffering system for maintenance.


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