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Safe Carpet Cleaning

Many people have allergies and these allergies can lead to major health issues. The risk of getting sick is always there but by using safe carpet cleaning methods you can not only reduce the germs in the carpet but have very little chemicals in the carpet. You should know that some of the carpet cleaning toxic chemicals can actually get into air and that can be inhaled. This can possibly damage your lungs and that can make you sick. As a matter of fact, a few experts recommend that poisonous chemicals from carpet cleaning solutions can cause a definite type of disease like asthma. For this reason, you should observe safe carpet cleaning measures.

Procedures that are Safe for Carpet Cleaning

To find a safe and sound carpet cleaning procedure is not a hard thing to do. In fact, safe carpet cleaning is not anything more than just preventing your carpet from getting really unclean, buying the right kinds of cleaning solutions and then using them properly. If your carpet is not really dirty and you do not need to remove some stubborn stains here and there, you will not need to use strong cleaning solutions.  This reason alone is why you should get your carpets cleaned at least 2 times a year.  Even if they do not look dirty you have dirt buildup and getting to it before it gets ground in will keep your carpets looking great for years to come.

Vacuum your floors every other day. This may sound like a lot of work but it really is not.  Just hit the main traffic ways every other day.  Then do one full cleaning a week.  Let kids and pets play in a specific area of the house, If you have them in the house. It's easier to clean up after them if they do not mess around the whole house. Safe carpet cleaning is not really difficult if you only have to apply some strong stain removal solution in a very small area.

You need to do some research on the certain types of ingredients used by manufacturers on their cleaning solutions, when you are concerned to buy the right safe carpet cleaning solutions. According to experts, some types of chemicals used for removing carpet stains have strong odors that may linger in the room long after you have finished cleaning. I like to stay away from those brands that are one fix for all problems as those products seem to have the most chemicals in them.

For specific issues I like to use all natural products that are 100% safe on carpets and 100% safe for humans and pets.  For instance there is a product to remove urine and pet odors from carpet called Anti-Icky-Poo.  I know it is a funny name that makes you tilt your head and read it twice.  This stuff is GREAT!.  It is also expensive and the only place I have ever found it was online.  Just google anti-icky-poo and their site will come up first.
Be very careful when using strong chemical products, because it can be quite irritating to the nose and the lungs. In other words, you must be extra careful when you are using things like these. Make sure that you get everyone out of the house first before you start cleaning, if you do not have any other choice rather then applying the strong carpet cleaning solutions. As a measure of precaution, you should find out and wear some gloves and some mask so that you are not affected by the toxic materials in them. Furthermore, you should also turn off your air conditioner and open your windows while you do this.

You should leave your windows open for a while after you finish cleaning, which is taken in as part of your safe carpet cleaning procedure. In this way, fresh air coming from the other side will remove the smell and irritants that are used in it.

I know this may seem a little over board but those chemicals are not good for your health.  There are hundreds of natural products out there that work great but most of the time they are double the price of regular carpet cleaning products.



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