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Removing Throw Up from Carpet

We all face it at one time or another.  It may be from your pet, children or even yourself.   Here are a few tips on how to remove throw up from carpet.

The first step is to get to the potential stain as soon as possible.   Take some white terry cloth towels or paper towels and remove the throw up as much as possible without grinding it more into the carpet.  Always use white terry cloth towels as you do not want to stain your carpet.

You have several different options now.  I personally recommend using a more naturally process first.  Take a cold damp towel and lightly blot the spot.  Repeat a few times.  Now take cornstarch and mix it with luke warm water until you get a gravy like mix.  Place the mix on the spot and work it in.  Cornstarch will absorb the acids from the throw up.  Wait about 8 hours until dry.  Now vacuum the cornstarch up and use a cold damp white towel to remove the rest of the cornstarch.  This should of removed the stain or at least most of it.

If the spot is still there you will want to use a cleaning solution approved for your carpet.  Be sure and test the product out first in the corner of a closet or some were out of sight.  The idea here is to make sure the chemicals will not strain your carpet.  Follow the directions on the back of the cleaning product and treat the stain.

If the cleaner you used is not a disinfectant you should consider disinfecting the spot.

Do not use a cleaning product that has a floor sealant in it. This is because if the spot comes back in 24 hours and you used a sealant then the stain is permanently there.

Following this guide should of removed your throw up stain.  It works great for cat hair balls and animal throw up as well.  The biggest issue is getting to the stain as soon as possible.  If the throw up sits for more then a few hours the acids will most likely permanently stain your carpet.  It can be harder on white or light colored carpets.


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