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Remove Wax From Carpet

There are several different ways to remove wax from carpet.  One of the easiest is to use an iron.  Before you attempt this method you must read the full instructions first.  You don’t after all want to burn your carpet.

Take a white terry clothe towel and get it damp.  Make sure the clothe is damp and not just a few drops of water.  Now turn the iron on to the lowest setting.  Wait a minute until the iron is hot.  Be sure you have water in the iron as well because you may need the steam.

Now place the damp terry clothe towel over the wax and fold the towel so you are double layered.  If the terry towel is thin feel free and fold it again over the wax spot.  Place the iron on the terry clothe towel and work in a circular motion.  Do not leave the iron in just one spot as you do not want to singe the carpet.  After about ten seconds lift the towel and see if any of the wax has come off.  If it has then rotate the towel to an area that is clean.

You may have to repeat this process several times.  Depending on your iron you may need to turn the heat up a little.  Always start at the lowest setting because you do not want to accidentally singe the carpet.

After a few attempts you should be able to remove wax from carpet with easy.


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