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How to Handle Carpet Cleaning Pet Odor

One of the most demanding, yet very enjoyable things is taking care of pets, whether you do it on your own or as a family. It is demanding because there are some common problems that people confront when raising a pet. Besides feeding and taking your dog for walks, you also have to make sure that your house doesn’t suffer as a result of your dog’s actions. Chewing furniture is not the only worry pet owners have as carpet cleaning pet odor is also a major concern. Every pet owner should be aware of few important aspects when it comes to getting rid of pet smells.

  • When your pets pee on the carpets, you can always ask the vet’s advice to learn about how to make them stop.
  • Make sure that you get the pet mess cleaned up as soon as it occurs as this way it won’t get to affect the carpet severely. Also, clean up as efficiently as possible because it is easier to do so when the stains are fresh and the smell will disappear faster.
  • Whenever you have difficulties with finding the exact spots that are affected, you can use fluorescent light in a darken room to identify all the areas that are sources for pet odor.
  • Even if you may be tempted to use chemically based products for carpet cleaning pet odor, you should know that it is far more efficient to use water-extraction apparatus or simply water.
  • Enzyme neutralizers are very useful to get rid of pet odor and using them in powder form is the best thing to do. These powders are able to efficiently penetrate the fibers of your carpet so that the smells are eliminated with success.
  • This process should be repeated after 24 hours if you observe that the smells continue to persist.

Now that you know what it is to be done you should also be aware of what to avoid when it comes to carpet cleaning pet odor away. Don’t use ammonia to reduce the odors’ intensity as it has a strong scent that will have your pet rushing to get back to the same spots.

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