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Remove Flees From Carpet

When you have a flee infestation it can be very hard to get rid of.  Flees breed very fast, as soon as you notice them immediate action is required.  Flees can lay as many as 700 eggs over their lifetime of just week.   There are flee traps you can use but those will only catch a fraction of the hundred or so that are roaming your home.

If you find yourself infected you will need to call an exterminator.  There really is no better way.  You can always attempt it yourself buy using a bug bomb but those need to be handled with care.  Another way is to purchase a high sonic device that humans and animals can not hear but the ringing noise drives the bugs crazy and they will find a new home.  Some prefer this method as they do not have dead bugs all over to deal with.  Even if you use the sound device chances are most of the flees with still die and be in your carpets so I prefer calling in a pro.

This may be little use to you now but preventive measures are the best way to ensure your carpets stay flee free.  Go out and purchase a flee collar for all your animals.  Ensure they stay treated and are given regular baths.  Flees love dogs and cats and that is most likely how they came to be in your house in the first place.  By paying the money up front you can save yourself on the back end.

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