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Pet Stain Removal Information

No Matter what you do, your pet will have an accident.  In many cases it’s not the animals fault.  The door was closed to the litter box or you got home 12 hours later then you thought and your dog had an accident.  An animal can only hold it for so long after all.

The biggest problem with accidents is you often times don’t even know they happen until weeks later.  This is not uncommon if you do not sped much time in a room and then finally open the door after a few weeks and then all the sudden that ripe smell hits you. Not only will it be harder to remove that stain but worse yet the animal knows the spot is still there and may start to think that that is an ok place to do their business.

 The longer it is left, the more it sinks into fibers and the padding below the carpet. It is often a good idea, not only to clean it yourself, but also to have your cleaner come through the area with special attention.  Use a cleaning solution that is formulated for pet urine.  Other cleaners may not get the job done.

The main damage that occurs to the carpet is discoloration in the carpet fibers.  Even if you remove the odor a stain may be the end result. The longer it sits, the more it deteriorates, and the harder the damage is to undo, if it can be undone at all.

As with any new cleaning product, follow the directions to the tee.  If it says to spray a light mist don’t soak the area as this most likely will cause damage.  Be sure and test the product first in the corner of a closet.  That way if it causes discoloration it will be in an area that is out of the way.  If you get to the spot right way there are natural ways to the spot.  White vinegar with lukewarm water and rubbing alcohol are two such methods that work well.  If you have any major doubts just contact your carpet manufacturer and ask them.  They will let you know of approved products that have been tested on their carpets.

As Always the best approach is a proactive one.  Train your pet well and if you are having problems get some professional help.  Have a backup plan in case you are unable to make it home.  Speaking with neighbors or friends ahead of time about it can go a long way.  That way when the day comes you can call them to let your dog out.

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