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The Difference Between Steam Carpet Cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a great flooring option. They spread a feeling of warmth and the best part is they are inexpensive. The only drawback is the maintenance. You have to be really cautious with carpets because if you are not, you might need to change the whole flooring because of just one stain. That could be such a pain in both your head and your pocket!

Over the past few years, many different kinds of carpet cleaning solutions have evolved. This is also due to the growing number of the population who are using carpets as their flooring for their home and offices. There are a few equipment that you can purchase yourself which are quite handy and you can do the cleaning easily without much hassle. Buying carpet cleaning equipment is very advantageous to people who have children and pets in their households. Carpet cleaning techniques can be broadly categorized into two, steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Read on to know more.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

You must be wondering how steam, as in the actual water vapor, can clean a carpet? The steam carpet cleaning does not involve steam, actually this method of cleaning carpet sprays heated water. Let us now look at the actual process of this carpet cleaning method. The first step in steam cleaning is using a special equipment that sprays hot water on the carpet surface. The water is sometimes accompanied by some chemicals if the stains are too tough. For example, pet stains can be challenging to remove; it also has a very foul odor. Chemicals are added to the hot water to make sure that the odor goes away with the stain. Once the floor is sprayed with the hot water mixture, the equipment simultaneously vacuums the hot water. The hot water vacuumed extracts the dirt from the carpet. This will leave behind a clean and spotless carpet.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, on the other hand, relies on VLM (Very Low Moisture) carpet cleaning equipment. This type of carpet cleaning process is done using specialized cleaning substances that possess a high rapid drying time. If there are spots on the carpet that are heavy stains, then pre-treatments or pre-conditioners need to be applied and then it has to be left to settle for about 15 minutes and then you can use the dry carpet cleaning machine to get a beautiful carpet which is stain free and dust free.

The main difference between steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning is the amount of moisture used. There is no contest between the two. It is pretty easy to decipher which of the methods will work better for different kinds of stains.


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