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HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Most homes that have wall to wall carpets are usually full of dust and they leave the occupants prone to it. The situation becomes even worse when you have allergies since they will surely start acting up. This is why it is relatively important for such homes to have carpet cleaners that will ensure cleanliness by removing all the allergens present there.

 Many people have noticed this importance and they are now using the HEPA vacuum cleaner more than before. This is due to the fact that this vacuum cleaner is very efficient when it comes to absorbing even the finest of particles. The word HEPA is actually an abbreviation of the word High Efficiency Particle Absorbing. However, there have been several arguments by users of this product with regards to what the letter ‘A’ in the word HEPA stands for. There are some people who claim that it stands for Air others claim that it stands for Arrestance. It works in such a manner that it removes and reduces any potential irritants by trapping all the very small particles that are usually responsible for provoking allergies.

There are particles that you cannot be able to see by your naked eyes when using carpet cleaners in your home. This is because they are mostly minute and their size is approximately 0.3 micron. In order to get a better idea of this measurement, take into account that the average human hair is approximately 50 microns in size. This means that with the help of the HEPA filters you will be able to trap even those particles. The filters that they use are normally composed of fibers that have been placed in a random manner. Usually, people who want to reduce the dust, allergens and particles in their homes normally go for the hardwood option during construction. In the event that your house already has a carpet, then there is not much that you can do about it but regulate the level of the carpet’s cleanliness.

The HEPA vacuum cleaner comes in a variety of types and sizes to suit every need as one of the most appropriate carpet cleaners. People who usually have small homes or live in apartments can use the upright HEPA vacuum cleaner that also has a filtration incorporated into its functionality. On the other hand, the canister vacuum is larger, hence recommended for people with larger homes.

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