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Tips for Buying the Best Carpet Steam Cleaners

A carpet steam cleaner can be a great benefit. However, you need to buy one that can tackle the job. Many of them work well to clean wool carpets so take your time to evaluate the options.

Overall Design

Some carpet steam cleaners are big and bulky which makes it hard to use them. Others are light and easy to move around and that is what you want to buy. Think about how much room you will have for storing the steam cleaner too.

Look for a design that offers at least four brushes, but those with six often do a better job. The brushes move in all directions to loosen and remove dirt and stains from your carpet. Make sure the brushes are durable too so that your carpet steam cleaner will work for a very long time.

The accessories that come with it are important too. That way you can get around furniture, into small areas, and you can even use it to clean your upholstery with. Make sure you get one that has accessories that are simple to attach and to take off though.

How much Power does it Offer?

You want to clean wool carpets with enough power to get dirt and odors out of them. However, you don’t want so much power that you end up ruining the fibers of the carpeting. You need something that is light and easy to move around but that is also able to get out tough stains.

Unique Cleaner Properties

You also want to find out what the water temperature is for it. The hotter the water can get the better it is going to be able to clean your carpets. You want to take safety into account though. Don’t buy a product that is known to tip over or that people have been burned by due to the design.

For more great information check out the Carpet Cleaning Tips section. To view a listing of local carpet cleaners in your area be sure to check out our ever growing carpet cleaner directory


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