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Find Out All You Need to Know on the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Once you have a dirty carpet, you do all that is in your hands to get them cleaned without spending too much money on it. The problem is that sometimes you just can’t remove the stains or the odors, not to mention all the germs, using only home –made substances or unprofessional machines. You need to get a specialized carpet cleaner that will only use the best carpet cleaning methods in order to restore your carpet to its initial shape.

Still, if you consider the problem not too serious, these are some of the best carpet cleaning methods that you can come up with yourself. If you stain your carpet with red wine, pour plenty of salt on the spot, and wait for it to absorb the liquid. Vinegar applied on a cloth with cold water, so the stain doesn’t extend and  so that it doesn’t penetrate the carpet deeper is also a wonderful cleaning solution.

If your carpet is stained with wax, you can try to place a paper on the spot and then run the entire spot over with the heated iron. If you catch the wax stain before it gets very deep into the fibers, you can put ice on it and this should pull it away. Also, club soda is very effective in removing all kinds of difficult stains.

Carpet detergent or carpet shampoo can also save you from very difficult situations as they are among the best carpet cleaning methods. They are to be used only when all the other home – made tricks have failed you but you still don’t want to go to a professional carpet cleaner. 

You have to be very careful when you clean your carpet at home. Sometimes, even the best carpet cleaning methods can harm it. For instance, if you want to clean your carpet with steam, you need to make sure it can take the temperature. Also, if you are applying carpet detergent or shampoo, you must verify the ingredients so that they don’t ruin its color.

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