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Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment Clean In Different Ways

There are different types of carpet cleaning equipment that can clean your carpet in different ways. The ones available are steam generators, rotating brushes and the last one is single circulating scrubbers. The personal understanding of these equipments will be the better choice when you are buying or renting these equipments. When you contemplate buying carpet cleaning it will depend on what kind of cleaning you will be doing. With any thing there are some advantages of some disadvantages. However, if you understand it, you can make a better choice.

Steam Cleaning Machines

This is believed by many people the best method of carpet cleaning.  Truck mounted machines work best because they have a high power spray, constant heat and great suction power.  This helps break down any dirt and grime in the carpet, which can then be pulled from the rug with a powerful vacuum. However, on the other hand, other users think that simply wetting the dirt and stains with really hot water does not get the dirt loose and prefer the carpet cleaning equipment that literally scrubs the carpet fibers.  Potable steam cleaning units like the rentals you see for rug doctor will make a difference but you need to pre-treat and be sure to follow the directions.  Most likely you will have to go over the carpet at least 3 times to make a big difference.

Scrubbing machines also known as buffing do have some real advantages but it takes a little more care. Hence, the difference between the carpet cleaning equipment that uses a large, single scrubbing head and those that have several smaller heads set up in a line. The rotating heads can scrub the fibers and literally beat the dirt out of the carpets. Those who believe in steam are convinced that this type of equipment only cleans the surface of the rug and does not loosen and remove dirt deep in the pile of the rug.  You can get that bottom surface dirt but you have to use a non residue shampoo that has an enzyme to break down the oil.  Once the oil is gone then the dirt has nothing to stick to.  The process normally takes 24-48 hours to break down the oil.  After this you simply vacuum and your good to go.

Different Types of Cleaning is required due to the Rug Styles

When looking for the carpet cleaning equipment that can work for you for the best, the buyers who are looking for good carpet cleaning should consider the quality of their carpet. Long pile shag rugs will require a different method of cleaning than the rugs that resemble indoor-outdoor carpet. The short pile carpet may be best cleaned by rotating brushes while deep pile carpet may be better cleaned using steam carpet cleaning equipment.


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