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Absorbent Pad Carpet Cleaning

Almost every company that does not do absorbent pad cleaning will down this method of cleaning.  The truth is absorbent pad cleaning is great for those in between deep cleanings.

Absorbent Pad Carpet Cleaning cleans the surface of carpets.  Most people use this type of cleaning method when the carpets do not look bad but they want them a little cleaner.  It is inexpensive and rather simple to do yourself, instead of hiring professionals.  The nice thing about this process is how fast your carpets will dry.  Often times within 30 minutes your carpets will be 100% dry.  This is nice because with steam cleaning taking 7 hours to dry you find your self hopping around the house trying not to make any track marks as your carpets dry.

As stated earlier if you ask almost any company out there that does not do this type of cleaning they will down it.  You should still get your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year to get all that dirt deep down.  For the in between cleanings Absorbent Pad Cleaning is a great way to go.  It will save you a few bucks and your carpets will look great year round.

If you are unsure whether to use this process or not contact the manufacturer of the carpet and ask if this method is approved.  If your carpets are under warranty make sure the process is approved so it will not void the warranty.  If your carpet is not under warranty ensure the company that is cleaning your carpets is insured and bonded.  This should always be looked at anyways just in case something major goes wrong.


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