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Avoid Carpet Cleaning Scams

There are a lot of situations when people resort to professional carpet cleaners in order to remove all the stains and disinfect their rugs. The problem is that sometimes, these providers turn out to be cheaters and the promised services just won’t come. Here are some of the cases that represent obvious carpet cleaning scams.

One situation is when professional cleaners give you an initial low price only to increase it once they come to your place and you show them what they have to do. They can say that the initial price only includes the work and not the chemicals necessary for the process, information that had not been given to you at first. At the same time if you are not up front when getting the estimate about your carpets you can expect an increase in price. If you got 2 rooms quoted over the phone and then tell them to clean 4 rooms, do expect the price to increase. This is also try if the carpets have over average strains and pet urine. Be honest when getting a quote and tell the carpet cleaner as much info as you can about the condition and size of the area to be cleaned. A well seasoned carpet cleaner will also ask you these types of questions to provide you an accurate cost of cleaning the carpets.

Another type of carpet cleaning scam is to have a settled price by the company for a certain number of rooms, and when they come at your place they start cleaning rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom, where the carpets demand a very small effort and you have to pay extra money in order to have the entire house cleaned. Plenty of companies list a price of let's say 89 dollars to clean 3 rooms. However read the fine print and see how many square feet each room can be. Some of them will attempt to trick you and list a max area of 15 ft. Then when they do the cleaning your hit with triple the quote because they say it was in writing.

Also, you have to make sure that the personnel that comes to your house are qualified to do the job, and not just people who pretend to be professionals, do a shallow job and charge you a great deal of money. Ask the carpet cleaning company if they use out side contractors to do the work. Plenty of them do. This does not mean you will get a bad job done but it often times means the person or persons coming out have had limited training. It is better to only go with a carpet cleaning company that has employees that actually work there and not sub contractors. I hate to be biased by saying this but it's the honest truth in my professional opinion of cleaning carpets for many years as an owner and sub contractor myself.

In order to avoid carpet cleaning scams, you need to make sure of some things before letting carpet cleaners leave their office. First, you need to find out all the essential information regarding their employing company, know if they have a certificate to validate their competence.

The quality of the utilized products is another thing that you need to be very careful about. Make sure their chemicals won’t harm your rug (there are companies that besides providing cleaning services, also sell carpets, and they would do a lousy job in order to convince you to buy a new carpet).

The best way to avoid carpet cleaning scams is to have the written proof of the payment you made to the company that provided you services, so that you have the option of calling them back if you are unsatisfied with their work. Some carpets really cost a fortune and you don’t want amateurs to damage them and get away with it



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