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Carpet Cleaning Prices

When selecting a carpet cleaner the price is always on your mind. Just about every company out there charges differently. The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of cleaning method you are looking for. The most common carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning so we will take a look at this method for a price example.

For steam cleaning you can often find companies that will do 3 rooms for around a hundred bucks. This varies by region but most specials are close to this price. Be sure and ask how many square feet those three rooms can be. I once saw an ad that was 3 rooms for ninety nine dollars but in the small print the max size per room was 200 square feet. Obviously unless your three rooms are large closets this would not cover your average room size. Deals like this are known as bait and switch.

Be sure and ask what is included in the price and more importantly if you need anything else done. Be sure and tell them what kind of stains you have. For instance if you have urine stains then they may charge extra. Nothing worse then getting a great deal over the phone and then the carpet cleaning tech comes out and says it will be double the price because of the urine stains. Be aware that scotch guarding the carpet can cost as much as fifteen cents per square foot. That’s why asking questions is the best way to go.

Always call at least 3 companies. Even if the first company gives you a great deal call at least three. When speaking to the second company ask the same questions and get a feel for the prices. You may find that the first company is missing an important step and did not quote you the full price.

Once again the price will vary by the type of cleaning being performed and the region you live in. Things like urine, odor or heavy traffic areas can add onto the bill.



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